Airport Security

Our line of work includes several segments, we are a wide range of services is available to our system.

Our activities include airports and other high priority objects, cleaning, security, protection, complex security clearance, safety oversight to the Hungarian and foreign airlines flights, service parts operations, passengers’ baggage, cargo goods, security monitoring, management, ground transportation, aircraft interior cleaning of postal items, additional aviation-related activities, such as education, training, car parks, guarding, event and life insurance, cargo handling, shipping, porter activity. We also do private investigation and security as well.

Wide range of services a variety of customers, we can prove it!

Budapest Airport Zrt is provided with cleaning duties on behalf of the entire airport, operated luggage storage, handling, loading and perform activities.

Malév Ground Handling Company on behalf of the Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport area is provided with aircraft in the company’s handling of on-board cleaning and pest control duties, cargo and mail, ground transportation, handling, and in the foreign airlines of ground handling of certain sub-tasks. (Loading aircraft, support equipment management).

connecting a framevork contract between the Celebi Ground Handling Ltd and AS Co. on behalf of the Celebi GH LTD airport and Vecsés depots provided with freight and mail loading, unloading, as well as performing aircraft service unit management (pre-air bus, push-back, ground power, toilet service car , water inlet car, etc.).

Hungary Menzies Aviation Ltd on behalf of service we supply aircraft parts tasks (cleaning aircraft, aviation security tasks).

Debrecen and Pécs-Pogányi international airport on behalf of airport passenger security personnel to conduct this audit functions.

Aeroplex Center of Europe Ltd. on behalf provided with hangars, aviation security, and object guarding duties.

The MAV Guard Rail Ltd take part on behalf of the two most important railway station in the country, guarding and defending the Eastern and Western Railway Station in Budapest.

Magyar Posta on behalf of Magyar Posta is provided with the Centre for International Postakicserélő air mail of X-ray screening, security tasks as needed, and the Airport Facility Management Ltd on behalf of cleaning is performed on those objects.

Federal Express Hungary Ltd. on behalf of Fedex Vecsés provided with the storage of cargo and postaküldeményeinek X-ray screening to ensure sterility warehouse and BLFNR in the loading and unloading FedEx aircraft safety monitoring, video documentation. Make the FedEx flights defensive overhaul, sealezését.

UPS Hungary Ltd. on behalf of Vecsés provided with the UPS warehouse and cargo X-ray screening postaküldeményeinek, ensuring sterility warehouse.

Transport service department, established in 2002 by airlines and other customers for delivery of baggage and less weight / size of items domestic house . Our partner in Trans Inc Callisto through, we take the package delivery service in neighboring countries and home deliver of late arrived airline baggages.

The aviation security activities beyond our considerable experience in the field of other security activities.

Members of cleaning experience in the stock of high-quality performing cleaning tasks highlighted objects. The population is about 100 people, about 30% of the NTR has a cleaning qualifications.

All stock is cleaning and security guards meet integrity requirements specified in the legislation referred to in airports , accordingly controlled by the airport authorities (Police, Border Guard, NAV) and the Office for Protection of the Constitution.

Security guards of the tasks set out UNIFORMS, proper equipment, without possession of weapons are being implemented under guard regulations is approved by the Principal.

Due to the scope of activities of the Airport Security Office totaling 1.5 million insured compensation for any damage caused by it.